Avox – Desolate Land


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Limited CD reissue of the singular demo tape of Italian entity Avox, "Desolate Land". Originally released in 1996 through Necrotorture Productions. An under the radar classic of ancient PC soundcard alchemy.

"Avox is an obscure entity, the only news is that Avox is a one (unknown) man band. This is a masterpiece of Dungeon Synth, composed in a time when this definition didn't exist. They talked about 'ambient' at that time. Avox was part of Sicilian Horde of NebulaH scene along with Circumventor, Sadium, Underworld Giubileo, Doublesion." - Fullmoon / Circumventor

Remastered by Travis Nordahl. New layout for CD that stays true to the original art and design elements of the demo release.

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In stock