Ars Manifestia – Il Mattino della Follia


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New long waited Ars Manifestia album!!!!!

Ars manifestia started back in 1998, at first as a real band. After a few years rehearsing with different musicians Harmful remained the only member and started to take care of all the instruments.
In 2006 Harmful recorded his first album “ the enchanting dark´s arrival “ in his garage using a simple 4 tracks mixer.Later in April 2007 Black seed production released the album. In the summer of 2007 the 2th album “ the red behind “ was recorded and released in 2008 by Black seed production . In 2010 Harmful that at that point was living in Norway recorded his 3th album “ le lacrime dell´universo” , the album was mastered at Living room studios by Espen Berg and later in 2012 released by Harmful own label Obscura Lyd.
In 2019 Harmful moved back to Italy and recorded his 4th album “ divora i figli “ that was released the same year by Darkness within production.

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