Ifigeneia Derizoti (aka IDVex), the occult mother of Black Noise of Doom… from Greece to everywhere

HM: Hello IDVex, thank you for your presence. Let’s start right away by presenting your musical project. Let’s strat from the meaning of the name

IDVex: The name “1/2 Southern North”, read: “Half Southern North”, was inspired by the northern cities of Greece (Florina and Thessaloniki) where I spent some years of my life. These cities are in Northern Greece, but also Greece is in the South of the Balkanic map region, so one part of me will always belong to the North, a Southern North.

HM: Listening to your songs makes it difficult to define your genre. Help us understand how to frame the music and lyrics of 1/2 Southern North

IDVex: I don’t usually “frame” my music under a specific genre, my compositions derived from the sonic fields of black metal, doom metal, avant-garde, and experimental music.
I used to define my sound as “Black Noise of Doom” but as the “genre” of the music is needed for promotion and reviews I choose “Occult Metal” as a more specific “genre”.
The lyrical theme of the songs is inspired by Mythology, Occultism and Left-Hand Path philosophy.

HM: It’s so cool writing “one female band”, but I think that it should be the music that speaks and not the “genre”

IDVex: I totally agree with this mention of you, but as I am a woman, I can’t use the more common description of “One Man Band” and also as you see this description also defines the sex-genre of the artist. So you can use the description “One Woman Band” as well! Usually I use the “One Person Band” as a description when I am asked about the line-up of the band. According to my opinion people can use whatever description they like, as you said, music speaks and not the sex-genre of the musician.

HM: Something about your influence and relationship with new and old greek musical scene

IDVex: Here in Greece we have a lot of good bands (and I am talking about the not so “famous” bands, I am talking about the bands of “the next door”) and the truth is that most of them are excellent musicians!
I am a music lover and I go to as many concerts of local bands as I can, buying their albums and merchandise, always supporting the local scene!